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November 30, 2008


I'm going to get "Elf on a Shelf!" That is the neatest thing Jen. I think it's a pretty neat Christmas tradition too!!!!

Ha! Sarah Donn just sent us Elf on the Shelf! So, I'm just going to write about it and link to your blog for the explanation.

What a neat book.

That looks like a cool book and idea - I'm going to look it up too!

Can Frisbee the Elf come live at our house? We need him desperately!

I want one of those..lol

Looks like everyone has the same feelings about this magical little elf! We all want and need one! That is so cool and you started a trend here in blog town Jen! I love these pictures and the cowboy hat is oh so cute! The stockings hanging in front of the fire on the fireplace...ahhh, I just need to be sitting there with some hot chocolate. Such a homey picture Jen! I love it!!!

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