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November 24, 2008


OOH I LOVE NorthPark at Christmas time. The trains are so neat. Poor Austin, thats a big fountain too.
I hope you are feeling better.

Oh Austin! When will they ever learn! The turkey is so cute and I am sure when he sees it at the Thanksgiving table he will be even more proud!

That is a really cool turkey Austin made.

I'm gathering clothes for both kids right now and am headed down to the truck with them!!! Of course I keep an extra set for Hudson in his diaper bag, but I can totally see Kiley doing something just like that. Poor Austin! I bet he was embarrased too :( I love the turkey, and I think it should be on your kitchen table every thanksgiving for years to come too! Sweet!

Ha! I've had a change of clothes (all the way down to the socks and underwear) for both boys as well since you told me about that months ago Jen! Thanks! The turkey is adorable...looks like his teacher had the same craft idea as Bryson's except Austin was a little more thorough with his accessories than my kid. :) Too cute!

I keep extra clothes for both my kiddos in the Durango too! Plus ziploc bags to store any wet or soiled ones in. And, I keep a couple blankets in there too! Oh my goodness, I'm in LOVE with Austin's centerpiece turkey! I'm saving it to my desktop and plan to have Kaelyn make one when I can find all the supplies once we get to the States. I can definitely forsee that being on your table for the next 30 years Jen!!!

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